August 2015: visiting the Swan King - pilgrimage to bavaria

At the beginning of August, after a lot of planning, I went on a 'research' trip to Bavaria in southern Germany to see all the castles and sites associated to Ludwig II. It was an amazing trip and I managed to visit most the locations on my list, my favourite being Neuschwanstein; the original fairy tale castle. It did not disappoint at all and was just as I imagined it would be. I am a bit of a Ludwig geek and have read a fair few books about him and his buildings so seeing them in the flesh was awe inspiring. I didn't want to leave the main courtyard at Neuschwanstein, overlooked by the famous singer's hall and byLohengrin himself )in statue form) standing en garde on top of the tower.  Another highlight was going on a hot air balloon, at dusk, over the black forest. The scenery was breathtaking.