May 2014: Completion of 'Enchanted Captive of the venus grotto', UV painting

Always on the look out for new techniques and experimenting with new materials, the theatricality of the idea behind this painting gave me the perfect excuse to play with fluorescent UV paints that truly come alive underneath black light. I was intrigued to see how this media would work when used in a fine art painting and mixed with acrylic, watercolour and even white ink in areas. I was not disappointed. When activated with the black light the UV paints act as a light source and can illuminate thin layers of transparent based acrylics giving an almost stained glass effect. I did enjoy using these paints, and it did suit the subject matter perfectly in this instance. It is also proving to be a bit of a show stopper when it comes to showing this piece at events as children (and some grown ups) seem to find it fascinating and nearly always seem to think it is lit from behind.