APRIL 2016: revisiting lohengrin and presenting Hecate head section

As the Hecate project that I have been working on since new year is still a work in progress, and, because a lot of time has been spent upon it leaving me no spare time to start new work I decided to finish/colourize my original Lohengrin illustration so at least I will have something new to show my loyal visitors during the Derbyshire Open Arts weekend at the end of May. I decided to make it into more of a mixed piece and added an extra section at the bottom using antique music paper featuring 'Elsa's song - Alone in Days of Sorrow' and further illustrations. I kept the colours muted by using watercolours and by adding tea to give more of a sepia effect and an aged feel to the piece. I also decided to finish the head section of the Hecate image as a finished piece in its own right as it seemed a shame to leave it tucked away in my folder during Open Arts. Gold leaf and text was added as a continuation of the art nouveau theme/influence and she is intending to be displayed in a very elaborate gilt frame. I am quite excited to see people reactions to this piece during Derbyshire Open Arts next month.