June 2017: The completion of Medusa and the Six Streets Art Trail (Derby)

May - June has been a busy old time. I foolishly announced on social media that I will be debuting my 'finished' Medusa at the Six Streets art trail in Derby . . . No pressure! But yes I did manage to not only prepare for the art trail but to have the completed piece finished and ready to exhibit. The response was amazing and I was so pleased that I gave myself the deadline to work to. I even had magnifying glasses at the ready so people could lose themselves in all the minute details - this went down very well.  For a fully detailed version of the image please refer to the portfolio section.

It was a fantastic event and, as always, it is a pleasure to hear all the positive feedback and comments from people. It really does spur you on as artist! It was also brilliant to see my new work altogether at somewhere different than my studio and to see it's development. Since changing and evolving into this more esoteric approach it has been difficult to gauge if my style actually can hold it's on both separately and collectively.

This was proof to me that it most certainly does and seems stronger than ever . . . makes me want to hold another solo exhibition!

Keep watching this space.