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My work is highly influenced by history, mythology, fairy tales and the art nouveau period. I have always tried to create work that takes you away from everyday reality and allows the mind to create it's own story; a window into another world or glimpse into a dream.

Drawing is one of my earliest memories from childhood; I always remember having realms of computer paper (is that still a thing? I think I am showing my age now!) and a big tub of pens, then spending hours upon hours drawing. Nothing much has really changed apart from I have upgraded to fancy cartridge paper and I have an even bigger pot of pens!

My paintings and drawings are extremely detailed and steeped in symbolism which adds extra credence to the narrative of each piece. I spend a great deal of time researching the subject matter and finding the correct reference photos and imagery to work from. I like to immerse myself in the chosen topic/area, even to the point of visiting sites and museums abroad, in order to flood my subconscious with details that can leak out naturally into my art. I suppose it can be deemed as slightly obsessive (!) but it is a method that seems to work for me. Hence my vast library on art history and mythology. I am a complete book addict.

Due to the complexity of work, originals can take up to 6 months to complete. I usually work at A1 scale, using fine liner pens, which is then digitally scanned so that quality prints and posters can be created. Sometimes I add colour digitally in Photoshop and I have had designs laser engraved onto wood. The finished original drawing is sometimes just the beginning of another piece.

Number 3 nearly complete! I love drawing

I currently work from my studio at the Art Room in Long Eaton, Nottingham. Here I create imaginary for both private and commercial clients and also work on my own more creative pieces of art.


I am a multidisciplinary artist, even though my preferred medium is pen. I can paint too and like to create and up-cycle 3D items (decorated with my own art). I am full of ideas and enjoy experimenting with techniques and technology to push my work and see how it evolves.


For up-to-date information on my current work in progress (es), and for events I will be attending or exhibitions I am taking part in, please follow my page on Facebook or my Instagram account (click the icons below the menu).  

For commission enquiries please use the contact section in the menu bar.

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