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river keeper frame.jpg

The River Keeper

Inspired the Mojave flood myth, this piece was created to represent the young girl who was saved by the tribe to carry on the existence of humankind due to rising waters.

She was sent up from underground (where the Mojave believed people originated from) in a hollowed out tree. When the canoe touched ground the world seemed drowned and she thought she would be forever alone. 

She came to rest on top of a high mountain and lay down. The sun warmed the water which rained upon her and impregnated her and she later gave birth to a daughter who conceived in the same way. The Mojave believed that all their descendants came from her.

In my piece the girl has the traditional Mojave face tattoo's and is surrounded by flowers native to their lands . She clings to a clay doll which is also typical to the ones that the tribe creates.

She was framed in a custom-made rustic wooden frame with sleeping beauty turquoise inserted in the knotted holes.



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