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Lunar Moth Fairy

This image is my actual tattoo design! And every element is important, and relevant to myself.

Moons are a reoccurring motif in all my work, almost every piece has the Moon is some form. As mentioned before, I am a literal lunatic. Hence the Lunar moth too.

The fairy has Pierrot face paint, (I love Pierrot being a child of the 80s), and the flower is the Queen of the Night Cacti flower which always reminds me of my grandma.


'Luctor et emergo' is a latin phrase I found when creating my Medusa illustration and it has always struck a cord with me 'I struggle and I emerge' .... which can be relevant to a moths chrysalis and as a life motto.

Of course this image had to be simplified for the art of tattooing but the main elements are there. I now have to create another design for the other arm!


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