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Saint Catherine:

Patron Saint of Lace makers

This illustration was created as part of the 'Legacy of Lace' residency celebrating the lace making industry in Erewash. 

Saint Catherine, of the wheel, was a philosopher and mystic who refused the marriage proposal of an emperor. She was ordered to death by being broken on a wheel, but the wheel broke, by supposed divine intervention.

Of course, due to the nature of the project, Saint Catherine is bedecked in lace using patterns designed by the first female lace textile designer. She holds a feather to demonstrate her scholarship, and the red cord around her throat shows how she was eventually killed by being beheaded. The wheel forms a halo in the background with the holy dove flying from the broken section, The lavender in her hair is also a link to the lace makers who used to make a special lavender cake on Saint Catherine's day.

The colours used, the green and purple, also linked to the suffragettes and women's rights. There was also a link to my Joan of arc piece as Catherine was one of the saints who spoke to her in her visions; and the sword she found was behind the alter of Saint Catherine's church in France. Hence the sword in the bottom right.

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