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Kali Ma: The Dark Mother

The most recent addition to my goddess series is Kali Ma, the Hindu goddess of time, creation, preservation and destruction. Even though in appearance she seems quite fearsome, she is in fact the most compassionate of all the Hindu gods. Kali is also known as the Devine Mother, Mother of the Universe and the Destroyer of evil.

Her form is usually depicted with either four or ten arms, she is dark blue (the colour of the night) with red eyes (full of anger), dishevelled hair, fangs and wearing a skirt of human arms and a garland of human heads. She is accompanied by a Jackal and serpent. I have tried to keep true to this classic form, adapting her costume and jewellery to conform to traditional iconography.

In this piece I also wanted to add my own spin and address ecological issues, especially extinction. I have included the blue Spix's macaw whose natural habitat has been destroyed due to deforestation. The link to Kali, being a 'blue' being herself and the goddess of preservation. 

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