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La Catrina: Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Inspired the main deity of the Day of the Dead festival in Mexico; La Catrina. A wealthy skeletal lady, dressed in finery, symbolising the message that we are all mortal, even the rich. 

Combining this iconology with the other main religion in Mexico, Catholicism, I positioned my version of 'La Catrina' in a similar pose to the Virgin Mary (Our Lady of Perpetual Help). I have always had an interest in icons as an art form. I love the drama and wonder that they were intended to create. 

In traditional icon art, the Christ figure which Mary cradles, symbolises the hope of mankind. In my piece, the baby is a foetal skeleton suggesting that hope in mankind is dead. A monarch butterfly rests on the infant's skull as a sign that not all hope is lost, if nurtured and cared for, the soul can live on.



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