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Lohengrin: Act III

This illustration is linked to a series of paintings I completed a few years ago, inspired by the eccentric king of Bavaria - Ludwig II.

Famously known for building the fairytale castle 'Neuschwanstein', Ludwig is also remembered as being the patron to the operatic composer Wagner; funding his writing and lavish productions. Ludwig was obsessed by the imagery and other worldly qualities that Wagner's music transported him to and one of his favourite opera's was 'Lohengrin'. The story of a princess and a knight who is brought to her rescue via a swan guiding his conch shell raft. Elsa, the princess, is forbidden to ask his name or the spell will be broken, unfortunately curiosity gets the better of her and Lohengrin (the knight) is taken back to the grail castle and Elsa dies of a broken heart.

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