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Mon Rayon (My Sunshine)

For the annual Eco-Create exhibition, this time entitled 'Masquerade', I decided to upcycle an old jewellery box that I found in charity shop. To keep in with the masquerade theme I wanted to combine a childhood obsession of Pierrot, Harlequin and Columbine, all masked with the clown make-up. I created a series of drawings illustrating the sad story of Pierrot's unrequited love for Columbine, which were then decoupaged onto the box which I fitted with a winding, musical mechanism that plays the song 'You are my Sunshine'. The interior of the box was lined with pressed rose petals and decapitated Pierrot figurines. In the centre, as part of the winding mechanism, a dolls face rotates, the inside of which is painted as a sad clown.

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